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The Republic of Karelia is one of the largest industrial centers in the North-West of Russia. The basis of the republic's economy is industry, which accounts for almost 40% of the total volume of the gross regional product.

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Timber industry complex

Large projects were initiated and launched to create new and modernize existing woodworking facilities.

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Mining industry

Rich deposits of stone, iron ore, quartz and shungite, as well as a developed transport network, allow the industry to develop dynamically.

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Federal and municipal support for livestock and crop production, more than 197 thousand hectares of agricultural land.

Invest in life

Fishing industry

Fishing in the White Sea and inland freshwater bodies of Karelia, aquaculture cultivation, processing and production of products.

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Popular tourist destinations - Ruskeala, Kizhi, Marcial Waters, Valaam and Solovki - are available for visiting in any season.

Invest in the north

Arctic zone

38% of the territory of the Republic of Karelia is located in the Arctic zone. There are tax and Administrative preferences for residents of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Invest in the future

Advanced development areas

In Karelia Territories of Advanced Social and Economic Development created in Kostomuksha city, Nadvoitsy urban-type settlement, Kondopoga city. By 2022, an investment volume by TASED residents amounted to 4.7 billion rubles.

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The Republic of Karelia is a unique border region of the North-West of Russia

Favorable economic and geographic location, convenient logistics infrastructure, natural resources, educational and human potential make our region attractive for investors.

One of the priority tasks of the Government of Karelia is the creation of a favorable investment climate. For this, a set of measures for financial, property and administrative support has been developed. In assistance to investors, territories of advanced social and economic development are being created. Thanks to the individual program for the development of the region, federal funds are directed to including for the implementation of investment projects.

40% of the territory of Karelia - 6 municipal districts - are included in the Arctic zone. This significantly expands the possibilities of both the economy and social sphere, and organizations and entrepreneurs who implement projects in these territories.

We are ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of investments in our republic. We will be glad to establish cooperation with everyone who associates their strategic priorities with Karelia and shares the idea of ​​partnership in interests of joint development.

Artur Olegovich Parfenchikov Head of the Republic of Karelia

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Investment passport of the Republic of Karelia

Head of the Republic of Karelia

Karelia occupies an advantageous geopolitical position between other economically developed regions of Russia

Neighbors of Karelia:

  • Leningrad region
  • Murmansk region
  • Vologda region
  • Arkhangelsk region
  • Finland Finland

Distance from the capital of Karelia to big cities:

  • Joensuu - 360 km Finland
  • Saint Petersburg - 430 km
  • Helsinki - 700 km Finland
  • Murmansk - 930 km
  • Moscow - 1000 km

Important transport routes pass through the republic, which connect the regions of Russia with the ice-free northern port of Murmansk and European countries. On its territory, there is the White Sea-Baltic Canal, which connects the Baltic and White seas.

There are eight checkpoints on the border with Finland in the region. Among them there are 5 automobile roads: Vyartsilya checkpoint, Lutta checkpoint, Suoperä checkpoint, Inari DAPP, Syuväoro DAPP, 2 railway lines: Lyutta, Vartsilä and air - Petrozavodsk, there are 3 airports, 5 ports connected by a system of canals with the main water routes of the European part of Russia.

Finland Joensuu Helsinki Saint Petersburg Murmansk Petrozavodsk Moscow

Benefits of doing business in Karelia

Developed transport links and the favorable geopolitical position of the republic make business on its territory attractive for investment. This is facilitated by special tax and administrative benefits.

Support measures for investors:

  • preferential conditions for the receipt, use and redemption of land plots for the implementation of investment projects;
  • provision of tax incentives for the implementation of investment projects;
  • compensation for part of the costs incurred by investors in the implementation of projects;
  • assistance in attracting financing on concessional terms.

Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia accompanies investment projects on the principle of "one window" and implements the following functions:

  • The My Business center is a unified regulatory body for organizations which forms the Support infrastructure
  • A regional management company develops the Arctic projects on the territory of the Republic of Karelia.
  • Support of international projects: the partner in cross-border cooperation programs
  • Сooperation with RUSNANO – the Center for Regulatory and Technical Support
  • Fair activity
Loukhy Kalevala Kostomuksha Kem Muezersky Belomorsk Segezha Medvezhyegorsk Sortavala Suoyarvi Landenpohja Pitkyaranta Kondopoga Pryazha Olonets Pudozh Petrozavodsk

Arctic region

One third of the territory of the Republic of Karelia is part of the Arctic zone of Russia. These are Belomorsky, Loukhsky, Kemsky, Segezhsky and Kalevala districts and Kostomuksha urban district.

0% for 10 years

Income tax

0% for 3 years

Land tax

7.5% for 10 years

Insurance premiums

0% for 5 years

Property tax

Tax deduction not exceeding 50% of MET. Valid until December 31, 2032.

Reduced rate for the simplified tax system for 5 years

1% for "income" or 5% for "income - expenses"

Inspections of residents of the Arctic zone are carried out only by agreement of the Russian Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and within a short period.

Loukhy Kalevala Kostomuksha Kem Belomorsk Segezha Petrozavodsk

Priority Industries for Investment

  • Tourism
    Due to the unique nature, Karelia is included in the top five popular travel destinations for Russian tourists
  • IT - Data Centers
    Location of data centers in the Arctic zone allows you to reduce the cost of cooling data center equipment
  • Timber industry complex
    Private investments in increasing production volumes while preserving nature will amount to > 110 billion rubles in the next 5 years
  • Mining complex
    Share of HPC is more than a third of the total volume of industrial production, the demand for the products of this industry is growing every year
  • Mechanical engineering
    Unique products of the Karelian enterprises of the machine-building industry are known in Russia and in foreign countries
  • Food production
    Industrial production is growing steadily thanks to a wide range of federal and regional support measures
  • Fishery complex
    A large amount of clean deep-water reservoirs and the development of industrial infrastructure create favorable conditions for fish farming as well as make Karelia the leader in commercial trout production in Russia
  • Agro-industrial complex
    The development of agriculture is supported at the federal and regional levels, and dairy and meat farming is considered the most promising direction

Strategy of economic development of Karelia until 2030

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